Reader reviews are critically important to spread the word about a book and help authors – especially indies like me – reach new readers. My ARC Team is a select group of readers who have volunteered to read and review advance copies of my new releases.

What will you get?

  • A free digital copy of my newest release, which you’ll get to read a week before everyone else
  • The chance to provide feedback, influence the direction of a novel in progress, and directly contribute to its success
  • Early access to bonus content for each new release

All I ask in return is one simple thing – an honest review on Amazon.

If you’d like to join my ARC Team, there are only two requirements: you must love reading lesbian romance, and you must commit to publishing a review on launch day.

Once you’re on the ARC Team, you’re not obligated to read and review every book – I’ll send out an invitation whenever ARCs are available and provide them only to readers who request a copy. You’re also not obligated to post a 5-star review… just an honest one!

Sound good? Sign up for the ARC Team: