Leah McAllister is starting a new job in a bland maze of cubicles where she hopes to blend in – she’s had enough attention for one lifetime. What she never expects is to find herself working with Morgan Park, a mesmerizing woman who turned her world upside down when they met one year ago.

A lot can change in a year, though, and Morgan is a different person now. She’s reserved and sullen, trying to get over a broken heart that came with a heavy dose of guilt after her troubled girlfriend, Allison, disappeared with nothing more than a vague goodbye note.

Thrust together in the cramped quarters of a cubicle, Morgan and Leah can’t deny – or resist – the forces of attraction driving them together. Morgan even begins to think she can find happiness again… until Allison blows back into town with a terrible secret that threatens to tear Morgan and Leah apart forever.

Is the mystery of Allison’s lost year enough to destroy Morgan and Leah’s chance at love?

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Praise for Awakened

“A fast-paced lesbian romance filled with drama, steamy scenes, and love.”

“The character development was excellent. I really felt like I got to know the characters and their chemistry felt true. Both heroines were dealing with heavy issues, acknowledging that life is one big grey mess… I loved how they journeyed to their happily ever after and I look forward to more from this brand new author!”

“Loved it! This book has the right balance of drama and sizzle. I had a hard time putting it down.”

“Her characters are multi-faceted and relatable. The story itself is absorbing, well-written, and conscientious. It’s a comfortable mix of steam, heart, and conflict.”