Some things can be fixed with a little duct tape… but a broken heart ain’t one of ‘em.

Avery Blake has spent years getting by all on her own in a big house on the countryside. As a contractor, there’s not much room for emotion in her male-dominated profession, and she’s perfectly content to keep people out of her private life, too.

After watching her elderly neighbor, Nora, be torn away from her long-time lover by heartless relatives, Avery has seen what it’s like to love and to lose, and she’d rather skip the whole thing and focus on work (and the occasional meaningless fling) instead.

Some relationships can be fixed with a little breathing room… and some are too far gone.

Hannah Grayson has nothing but room to breathe when she finds out her Great-Aunt Nora has passed and left her a house in rural Indiana. Fleeing a dysfunctional and controlling relationship in New York, she moves into the house because she’s got nowhere else to go.

Disasters start piling up almost as soon as the plane touches down – the house is in disrepair, Nora’s grandchildren are trying to evict her, and the gorgeous but chilly woman across the street seems to have a problem with Hannah’s presence.

When a pipe bursts on her first night in the house, Hannah has no choice but to run across the street and beg for help from Avery.

The rest, as they say, is history…

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Praise for Fixer Upper

“A fun, breezy, summer story with a dash of ‘heat’ and plenty of romance. This is a story of synergies – in that both Hannah and the house need to be repaired. Loved the humorous DIY moments and fun cameo ‘baddies’ in the form of Hannah’s ex-Rebecca and her awful cousins… Cara Malone is growing as a great lesfic author and I think this is one of her best to date!”

“It is the way Hannah is allowed to develop that makes this story so appealing, and the way the past weaves itself into the relationship between Avery and Hannah.”

“Cara Malone is a wonderful writer. She has a special way of putting words together and taking you on a beautiful journey of discovery. The way she described the setting when Hannah arrived in Camden was beautiful – the way the fields were described and how feeding the chickens brought peace. It felt as though the silence in the area outside the city was incredible.”

“I absolutely LOVED Hannah’s evolution and growth into a confident woman. She faced a lot of challenges and obstacles throughout this story.”

“Cara Malone takes flawed or even broken people and shows us how strong people who are willing to take risks can make their lives better while also finding love.”

“The story of a decades-long love affair is the backdrop for the new lust-turned-love. It’s great to see steamy romance that doesn’t follow the predictable lesfic pattern.”