Mira Lockhart is married to her work. One of the youngest library directors in the state, she has been climbing ladders for so long she’s forgotten what life is like outside the library. Not that she has time for love and all that mushy stuff – Westbrook Public Library is the most challenging place she’s ever worked, and every day there’s a new crisis to avert.

Her new library page, for one.

Chelle Tate is young, wild, and free, with fiery red hair and a confidence that instantly draws Mira in – perhaps too close, as Mira finds herself crossing professional boundaries against her better judgment.

As tensions mount between the two women, so do the bizarre occurrences at the library – boycotts and vandalism and sex in the stacks all conspire to threaten Mira’s job and keep her from finding balance and happiness with Chelle.

Mira finds love in the stacks, but will she have the courage to pursue it?

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Reviews for Love in the Stacks

The Lesbian Review: “I can’t stress enough how fun and entertaining this book was. The sizzle was there, the story was engaging, and it was a quick read that, while light and sexy, also delivered humor, a bit of intrigue, and a couple of characters who didn’t just find a happy ever after, but also personal growth and life lessons as well.”

Lesbian Reading Room: “The main characters are well done – both are flawed, both need to grow and the author has done a good job of maturing them throughout the story. The library has real character and is a pleasing background to the plot.”

Praise for Love in the Stacks

“This was a great, quick read that I really enjoyed. I liked the characters, I found them to be realistic and believable. I thought the story was well written and it flowed well. I was captivated from the start and read it in one sitting.”

“This was a really good book. Cara makes her books fun and easy to read. The ending was good and well-timed. I am looking forward to more from this author. Her books flow smoothly and leaves the reader with a “job well done” feeling. Thank you, Cara, for another good book!”

“A fun and easy read, complete with a little angst, smexy times (in the stacks, of course), and a cranky villainous librarian co-worker. The author does a great job painting the scene and characters. I have no problem “seeing” it all, and I love that about her.”

“I really got invested in the characters. I found myself thinking about Mira and Chelle’s situation even when I wasn’t reading the book. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster ride right along with them. I felt every kiss and every tear.”