Hunter has spent the last two years running in place.

Trying to get ahead of the bills.
Trying to provide for her sister, Piper, and her nephews.
Trying to finish her nursing education.
Trying to keep Piper out of her criminal husband’s claws.

Big, bad Jed Wolfe is a con artist, a manipulator, and he’s currently doing ten years for counterfeiting. Now is Hunter’s best chance to convince Piper that he’s bad news and they can survive without him.

Except the mortgage is overdue again, there’s an eviction notice stapled to the front door, and Hunter can see it in Piper’s eyes. She wants to crawl back to Jed and ask him how to dig out of this mess.

They’re getting desperate and Hunter begs Piper not to be like him.

Then along comes a beautiful girl in a red cap. Her grandmother is sick, she needs Hunter’s nursing help, and the pay is great. It’s just what they need and soon Hunter is able to catch her breath. Stop running in place. Start to feel something that she hasn’t had time for in years.

Happiness. Desire. Love.

Until one day an old, familiar feeling returns.


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Praise for Seeing Red

This is one read which you will have a hard time putting down until the very end.” – Robert M., Amazon reviewer

“Cara takes us on a fairy tale journey using today’s every day characters. She gives us a glimpse of Alzheimer’s, con men, betrayal, and most importantly the resilience of people who are shown enough love and support and given the tools to become all that they could be.” – Kathy Azzolina, Amazon reviewer

“There’s nothing quite like a fairy tale retold in a new and different way. The story is well written and the characters are loads of fun.” – Marty Preslar, Amazon reviewer

“A delightful retelling of a long-loved tale. The author cleverly includes details from the original in creative and inventive ways.” – Paula D., Amazon reviewer

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