Carmen hasn’t had snow on Christmas in ten years. Her family has grown accustomed to beaches and extravagant tropical vacations, but she still remembers the snow in Massachusetts when she was a kid.

When her dad decides to book a cabin in the idyllic, snow-capped mountains of Colorado for Christmas, the rest of the family is skeptical – why trade palm trees and warm weather for a snowbound ski resort?

Carmen’s in the same ‘bah humbug’ mood until she meets the impossibly optimistic, endlessly intriguing Joy and their worlds collide – quite literally – on the slopes.

Joy has lived her whole life on Emerald Mountain and watched a lot of people come and go through the resort town. She has learned to expect a certain amount of impermanence here, but Carmen makes her hope for more than just a vacation romance.

Can Joy help Carmen and her family rediscover the true spirit of Christmas?

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Reviews for
That Old Emerald Mountain Magic

Sweet n’ Our Ink: “A beautiful love story at the center of my favorite holiday… That Old Emerald Mountain Magic is a story of family, discovering love and remembering the past.”

Praise for
That Old Emerald Mountain Magic

“This is a wonderfully sweet love story that will warm your heart. I couldn’t put it down.”

“This book tugs at your heartstrings, reminds you of the real meaning of Christmas and warms everything else in between with Ms. Malone’s trademark steamy scenes!”

“This novel is something else! It’s the fluffiest of the holiday fluffs with a more than satisfying HEA, while in the same time it tackles some really serious themes, like being alone, poor and homeless at the festive times in the winter, when it’s the most difficult.”

“Cara describes everything with such detail. The descriptions put me in the mood to sit in front of a fire and have hot cocoa. I am so ready for the holiday season to start after reading this beautiful book.