Alex McHenry’s world stood still the day her father passed.

She was 19, studying to be an art teacher, and living happily like any other college student. Then abruptly, her life was reduced to funeral arrangements, depression, therapy, and the responsibility of caring for her mother, who retreated to the couch to take solace in the artificially cheerful hosts on the Home Shopping Network.

After more than a year of living frozen in the moment of her father’s death, Alex decides to take the first steps out of her grief. She enrolls in a paramedic program and during one of her first classes, she meets Megan Callahan, a pretty but aloof medical student who comes crashing into her life at the most unexpected moment.

It’s not long before Alex discovers that Megan has her own skeletons in the proverbial closet, and when a bacterial outbreak forces them together, they must both decide whether to confront their demons together, or continue to live in limbo.

Can Alex and Megan work together to mend their broken hearts? Or will they turn away in fear?

This is the first book in the Lakeside Hospital series. Each book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel and the series can be read in any order.

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Reviews for The Origins of Heartbreak

The Romantic Reader Blog: “A slow burn with flirty friends that can’t seem to deny themselves the other one. What really makes this book shine is the fun, witty banter that these two have when they are together. I am so ready for book two.”

Sweet n’ Our Ink: “Cara incorporates raw emotion and important issues into her stories, but it’s done with finesse and understanding. The banter between Megan and Alex gives their relationship depth early on as it builds from friendship to something so beautiful.”

Praise for The Origins of Heartbreak

“A delightful medical romance… Cara Malone’s most emotional book to date.”

“Malone has created a slow burn with these two. There is great chemistry and banter as they get to know one another. If you don’t fall for Alex then there is something wrong with you.”

“Cara Malone has an extraordinary way of including intense subjects in her stories, but she does it with such grace, sensitivity and understanding. I love all the raw and deep emotion, and the banter between Megan and Alex.”

“This was such an endearing love story that it will go onto my “books to be re-read” list. So, so happy that this is just book one in a series. Please do not hesitate to read this – it is not to be missed!”

“The story flows from the pages right into your heart.”

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