Book 2 in the Rulebook series

Max and Ruby have fallen hard for each other after a bitter grad school rivalry turned first into lust, and then into love.

When the school year comes to an end, they’re faced with a new challenge: a summer apart.

They make plans to visit each other, but when Max comes to Chicago to meet Ruby’s family, she brings with her a secret in a small package – an engagement ring that she hopes will prove her devotion. There’s only one problem… Max has never been good at first impressions, and she fits into Ruby’s family like a square peg in a round hole.

Everything she says is wrong, Ruby’s perfect ex-girlfriend keeps coming around, and the city is exhausting. It even seems like Ruby is beginning to question whether she has what it takes to navigate life with a partner on the autism spectrum.

Is love enough to get them through the summer?

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Praise for The Rules of Engagement

“Well it’s rare, but I think Ms. Malone has managed to produce a sequel better than the original.”

“Cara Malone has created the most wonderfully unique and unconventional character in Max.”

“The Rules of Engagement is an amazing story of overcoming obstacles and how these two women navigate through their relationship. The ups and downs are what makes this a beautiful love story I can read over and over again.”

“Cannot wait for next sequel, please keep them coming!”

“I just loved reading more about these two great characters.”

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