I really enjoy bringing recurring characters and locations into my stories – it’s a good way for me to catch up with characters from stand-alone novels and also give a little treat to long-time readers. In order to keep everyone in my ‘world’ organized, I’ve created a map to show their relationships:

I update the map every time I write a new book, and you can check out the live version on Coggle (just click and drag to explore the map). It has grown much faster than I anticipated and has quickly turned from a fun little project to a total necessity!

So what does all that crazy stuff mean?

  • Each item branching off ‘Cara Malone Universe’ in the center is a location.
  • Each sub-branch is a series or stand-alone novel.
  • Names that match the color of the sub-branch are the main characters for that novel.
  • Names that appear in pink have the potential to become main characters and get a book of their own.
  • Dotted lines show a character who appears in multiple books or indicates a non-romantic relationship between characters.

I hope you enjoy this ever-evolving look inside my novels – and if you see someone in pink whose story you’ve been dying to hear, please do let me know!